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Sugar Mama

My name is  Thabello Tshabalala I am a pretty single mum. I am thirty two years old with one kid. I live in Cape Town. However l am looking for a serious relationship with an honest man. A man who do not cheat and lie but faithful to me and me only. Besides, one who is willing to spend the rest of his life with me? Therefore l run most well-known businesses here in Cape Town.

As a busy business lady all along had been busy with my businesses. However never had time for a serious relationship. But l realized that now l need a long lasting relationship. I have tried many dating sites but finally l hope this is the right one for me. If you are a fake man then you are at the wrong platform. I believe l will get the right one on this site.

what l am looking for as pretty single mum

As a lady who love beautiful things, l am looking for a cute handsome man. A man who is age is from twenty five to twenty eight However a man with focus, patience and true love. A man who is single and ready to marry and start a family with me.

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Therefore a man who is hardworking and shows responsibility and concern. Also a man who is friendly who will love my child and also love my addition a man who is willing to spend his whole life with me and knows how to treat a lady. Apart from the above a man who is prayerful and goes to church too. Definitely a man who is very smart in terms of dressing and well recognized in public.

pretty single mum promises

Therefore will be a good wife who provides roles of a wife to his husband and for her family as a mother. Also l will take good care of you. However l will guarantee a luxury and comfortable life for you.

More so will give you few properties l own as my life partner. And give you true love and attention. Despite your conditions my love is unconditional. Therefore will be the perfect partner for you and wil be very romantic and trustworthy.

How to contact me

Only if you are serious we can stay in touch on my whatsapp number.

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