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 I am classy and fancy, I dint use makeup

I got the person kind of character ever and you will fall in love with this. I am classy and fancy, I don’t do fake things like applying makeup. I know that I am glowing even though I don’t wear one so I never have a reason to wear a mask ever. As my guy, I want you to appreciate me for this and still be able to give me compliments in the mornings. It’s not that hard.

This how my classic dressing looks like

I dress classy and I walk classy. Mostly, I wear suits on Mondays then jeans on Fridays. I have never seen it as a good thing to be wearing suits on days like Friday because maybe I might actually want to pass by a bar and get my things going on the right way. Talking about bars, I don’t go clubbing. I would prefer buying beers and all that then invite my friends home, feels better.