Mikaella, 35, Pretoria- “. You want to replace him as my Ben 10?” Join SATESPACE for free and get sugar mom WhatsApp numbers.

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MY friends refer to me as Kaylla though, it doesn’t sound the way I want it but I really just can’t deny it at this moment. In fact, it’s the username I use on SATESPACE. I am a good woman and you have all the options.

I have always had a thing about building houses. Since back then, I have never wanted to invest in anything else except in houses. People get richer through different things and for me this is just one of the ways, I will tell you my other methods on SATESPACE.

I wonder why you haven’t texted me on SATESPACE already. I started overpaying my bodyguard a few months ago and now he has quit his job already. Now I want to replace him but with another bodyguard but a younger ben 10 who can handle all my money for me. We will hire ourselves new bodyguards who will protect us from robbers when we go to the club. I don’t like using credit cards. I like using real cash, it feels good.

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To win me:

You have to be an entrepreneur- I like business-minded people, I can’t teach you to make money if you don’t have the right mind-set. You first have to develop some passion for it and then I will teach you.

Be professional- We are going to be attending special meetings as a couple. In some cases, you will do all the talking. This is why I need you to be a professional person so that you can be able to use the proper business language and convince clients.

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I am lonely and I would really want you in my house right now. Text me on SATESPACE so that I can give you my WhatsApp number. The best way to get a response is to post and like pictures on SATESPACE so that I know you are being real with me. Use the below button to join SATESPACE:                                                        

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22 thoughts on “Mikaella, 35, Pretoria- “. You want to replace him as my Ben 10?” Join SATESPACE for free and get sugar mom WhatsApp numbers.

  1. Ausi Mikaella I feel something awesome in you
    Hey I’m here in Pretoria West please halla me
    0763787925 please 🙏

  2. Hey beautiful. I am 22year old student based in Pretoria. Send a text on my WhatsApp number 0845926675. Look forward to meeting you.

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