Sheilla, 36, East London- Trust me, this is the easiest way to be a millionaire, date me as your sugar mama. Get my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE and make me your own.

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No one wants opportunities to pass them by. It’s how I became this this in the first place. I while disclose my networthy here on this site but I will tell you man it’s really above the ordinary level. Rich people like me have a lot of things to hide. It’s like we don’t even like to be known.

I will tell you it’s why I use a fake name in all my social media accounts. Don’t worry, you will know my real one soon enough.I’m here to get you to talk to me. I realised if I do things the SATESPACE way life could just slide way easier for me. Of course I have the dollars and all money isn’t everything,

I still need someone I can talk to every night before I go to bed. That person is you. Unless maybe if you don’t talk to me I’m time, we will definitely be a thing. I hope you have joined SATESPACE already because I’m thinking of going when the first man who texts me on SATESPACE.

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I have things I like about men, these include:

Height- Whether you are ugly or handsome, as long as you are taller than me then we have a deal. You should really contact me before I go with a shorter guy. It’s not too late to text me now. I’m waiting.

Physique- A Man who is physically fit will always make me feel very secure around him. I don’t know about you but to me that’s just sweet. I’d like to feel the protection of my man. I wonder why you haven’t texted me on SATESPACE yet.

We have to talk more privately now.

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29 thoughts on “Sheilla, 36, East London- Trust me, this is the easiest way to be a millionaire, date me as your sugar mama. Get my WhatsApp number on SATESPACE and make me your own.

  1. Hello my name is bafana from tsepong sebokeng gauteng I’m looking for a sugar mama to love and be with and make her happy love her with all my heart can you please call me or Whatsapp me on 0718107967

  2. My name is jamesI want a sugar mummy dat I will love wit all my live I really need one I will love an cherish you u wit all my Liv u can call me on 09043792845

  3. hi dear I have been waiting for this opportunity so long I finally it from jewel u that u ever regret for meeting, just forget and my

  4. I’m msizi and trust this is the easiest way to get satisfaction I’m 19 years old I’m from KZN/DURBAN and my number 066 025 0715

  5. Hi my name is Freeman or mkhululi I am 32 years old I like jokes I’m always freeI I need someone who going to give me his heart and I gave him all my heart I need someone who going to spend life with me on my life and I will cover you wherever I can manage to cover I need your love and respect cuz I respect the people I love myself I like someone who will love himself and respect himself then also I respecting cuz I respect myself I know there is a lot of challenges on life let me can manage to pass on those challenges cause we are together I’m not rich I’m a poor guy I only have love and respect I hope I will get someone on my life who can make me a man my job is carpentry I have a dream to open myself company but life is so tough I only have love on my heart

  6. Sheilla am interested in you because ur so cute, dishy, nice and lovely and sexxy whatsapp me on +256752101097

  7. Hello I want you to be my super sugar mummy please contact me and chat me up on my WhatsApp number 09048083172

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