Durban Single Mum Sandra, 35, – “I need a man who will join In Business. get WhatsApp number and be rich.

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Hello I am Sandra Durban Single Mum I love being in a relationship with the right person because that makes me smile every morning and evening. Honestly, I am not that difficult to impress, I think that alone makes me different from anyone else here.

The good thing is that I will actually explain to you how you can impress me by just doing two things. Read on and you will see. I am a loyal woman, I will never you until you show me signs that maybe you are becoming unfaithful.

My hope is that I will actually make you mine. Not to brag but I honestly think you are going to benefit the most out of this. The money you will make is just unbelievable. It’s how most of the guys of your age in SA are making it nowadays.

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Obviously you want to be a millionaire before you get too old to spend the money with so many responsibilities on your shoulders. It’s time to make that complete turnaround to your life and spend your money while you still can.

This is how you impress me:


I don’t do quite well with lies, I don’t want a man who lies to me all the time. Please tell me the truth every time I ask for it. The good thing is that I won’t lie to you either. Once I see that you are an honest person, I will give you the same loyalty as a Durban single mum .


Loyalty really matters in this relationship. I can’t trust you if you don’t show me enough loyalty. Every relationship is built on trust and you should be trustworthy.

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38 thoughts on “Durban Single Mum Sandra, 35, – “I need a man who will join In Business. get WhatsApp number and be rich.

  1. Hi my name is thato im looking for sugar mama who will be responsble for me i will also take care of her .im currently using this mobile 067 32I 2280

  2. Hello the,my name is Abdul from Nyasaland but I’m residing in Nelspruit Mp,I’m here looking for the gal whether u ar a sugermam or not,where are u my missing pieces???,any woman whose interested call or halla me on 0607885005
    Thanks n I will be expecting yo call

  3. I’m Kenny from dobsonville gardens at Soweto interested in a sugar mom that I will treat her like a queen be loyal n respect each other WhatsApp or call anytime available flower bomb 0631616060

  4. Im looking for a good woman I don’t care about what she has
    I can take care of myself and even her
    Just want to meet on WhatsApp
    My WhatsApp number+233543498926

    1. Hi Mzwakhe im looking for a woman who want or like sex myb she wants a baby, i dnt want street even your the sugar mam my WhatsApp number 0814237198

  5. Hey I’m Tommy from Bertram’s in Jo’burg I’m looking for a beautiful lady,age is not an issue my number is 0791469565

  6. Hello dear, l’m Alex from Nigeria I’m a man of joy and happiness and epitome of humor , i’m so interested to hooked up with you and build a business together , thank you so much , matured love only is what I want , I’m 36yrs

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