Priscilla, 38, Benoni- You join SATESPACE, You text me, I give you my Whatsapp number and I become your sugar Mum. Simple.

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I am rich. That’s why I have enough money to make someone else a millionaire at the comfort of their homes too. In real life though, I don’t like people who don’t seem to have a direction of their life. I drink, I smoke sometimes and I spend nights out, but most importantly, I pay attention to my life and I keep grinding hard. I became a millionaire at twenty five and most of my age mates were still chasing drugs and entertainment.

We should talk. I mean if you really need a sugar mom who is going to give you some big money without complaining, we got to talk. I am here just so you can use me and get rich while you also give me company and make smile every day. I will be your source of income and also your mentor. By the time this whole thing is over, you should be driving and living at large without worrying about saving up and all that rentals thing. I will cover these for you all the time. I don’t make idle promises

Talk to me right now.

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Talk to me right now on SATESPACE and I will give you my WhatsApp number straight into you inbox. What you need to do is to create an account like now and the post your pictures immediately. You will then text me and I will see your pictures. If you are really cute I will give you my WhatsApp number. To join, use the below button:

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My direct Whatsapp Number Is ++27 81 845 9342

Please make sure you upload your best pictures before you try and text me because I have to know how you look.

Here is what I expect my man to be like:

YOUNG: I am really not into older men. I just feel like that’s not for me you know. Because of this I will only take a guy younger than me but above 18 at least.

TALL: Height is also one of my considerations, I want to feel protected.

40 thoughts on “Priscilla, 38, Benoni- You join SATESPACE, You text me, I give you my Whatsapp number and I become your sugar Mum. Simple.

  1. Hello beauty I’m here for you sweet. I’m stay springs. My number calls and WhatsApp 0671198096. I’m 27 year sweet

    1. Hi beautiful Brighton from Zimbabwe I was just looking for someone like you if interested please contact me on +263719215520 thanks my lady

  2. Hi am Shawn single 24 from Jamaica feel free to call or text me on WhatsApp at 1876 466-5731 thank you an have a great day gorgeous

  3. Hello gorgeous I would love to be with you any time anywhere if you don’t mind I would tell you more informationfrom i was next to you no jokes

  4. Good morning. Pls with all due respect. I need a good sugar mama from any part of d world. I don’t mind relocating. My number is +2348066278632. From Nigeria.

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