Sugar mum, Polokwane- I just want fun, nothing serious for now. Contact me on SATESPACE for my WhatsApp number.

SA Single Ladies Sugar Mama

I will start by telling you what i plan to do for my next man:

Unlimited fun: Sugar mum will be the best. We won’t limit yourself as to how much we are going to have every day. We will celebrate everyday like its Christmas. I am just waiting for you to text me on SATESPACE so I know that you want this too.

 I go out every weekend for partying and I am willing to go with you. It doesn’t matter if you are broke. I am rich and all my friends are too, I just need you and nit your money.

Money: Besides paying you all the time you require, I will also be splashing huge figures with you all the time. The money is going to be more than enough for you and that’s a promise. The only thing you got to give me in return is your company.

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More about Sugar mum

I just want to be with you all the time and I can pay as much as you want for this. I just hope you are ready to get rich with me. I am known for always making real promises that never get broken.

Six-figure job: I am planning to get you employed in one of my wealthiest companies. To be honest, I don’t care about your educational qualifications. Being my man is going to be enough for this. Sow me some seriousness and this will happen sooner than you think.

 I did join SATESPACE to make jokes but to find someone I can actually have fun with and not all these fake people out here in my city. This is going to take place only if you let it.

Let’s Discuss More About This Privately, Contact Me:

I want you to contact Sugar mum on SATESPACE so we can talk more about this. Don’t waste much of your time now. Text me and win a better life for yourself. I know you are wise enough to take this offer. Click the button below, text me and I will give you my WhatsApp number:                                           

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My direct Whatsapp Number Is ++27 81 845 9342

Full name: Tadiwa Evlyn Kukara

Nationality: Originally born in Zimbabwe but based in SA now.

Marital Status: Single.

Body type: Almost slim but not slender.

Accent: British.

Hobbies: Watching TV, gym and Social clubs

64 thoughts on “Sugar mum, Polokwane- I just want fun, nothing serious for now. Contact me on SATESPACE for my WhatsApp number.

        1. Hi am Philip 26 years s Zambian and would like to be your is in me that I will make you happy all the time and having is something that you will naver can WhatsApp me on +260967952829

  1. Hie Eveyln lm Tatenda from Zimbabwe. I’m aged 19 and l find u attractive to my eyes and l want you as my galfrnd. The reason wy l choose u is bcz l was experiencing heartbreaks bcz lm nt tt rich n l see u as a mature swt lady n l hope ure going to like me the same way l do n be my last bus stop….if ure interested the same way l am en u may contact me on my # 0787 655 876

  2. Hi, Evelyn am Daniel from Ghana. I’m 27 yrs of age and I find u very beautiful to me as my girlfriend I experience that same heartbreak and am poor, I lost my mum seven years ago. I see u as mature lady and I hope u are going to love me in this case u can wats up me on 0592548622

  3. Hi my name is Freeman i like to be your Ben 10 but I like jokes what’s up me 0632090406 love and respect my job is carpentry my dream is to open myself business but one day is one day what I have for now is love I really love I need someone to give him my heart for all of my life who not going to break my heart I’m not saying I’m perfect but I’m pair get your Ben 10 now out of stress Freeman is available for you I’ll keep you laughing but don’t forget even that I’m your husband use one word to save everything between me and you and inside of your heart life is simple if you love and respect I’m a poor guy I don’t have money but I will make you happy all of your life if you free you make me free love respect yourself you make me to respect yourself let’s enjoy it together I like to be in love but I’m not fund the right people who have I love I like to be free and in love I’m not need a security or police guard I need love get your Ben 10 32 years old I’m available for you this exchange our hearts today or just gonna # 0632090406

  4. Eugene Stanley Essuman.26years nd August 10th nd 3rd born.single as a Ghanaian and also student of Accra Technical University in my second year offering Building technology.
    I’m ready to love nd care for you
    Hardworking guy
    Respectful nd obedient
    +233570268773 tnx very much

  5. Esh what a beauti lady, I wish to believe this but it to believe that. Bt anyway if true I interested of knowing you and wonder what plans you have for the chosen one.

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